Mindfulness Based Stress Relief

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• What is mindfulness and how to apply the practice to everyday stresses of life

• The different forms of Mindful Meditation and how to grow a meditation habit.

• Ways to deal with the difficult aspects of life and ways to cultivate the positive aspects.

• Explore Mindful movement and physical ways to move stress through the body

• Discover how emotion can be physically stored in the body, and ways you may store yours.

• Cultivate compassion for our selves and others and learn how this is good for you.

• Establish a regular meditation practice that can be adapted into any day no matter how busy.

• Different Mindfulness techniques to help bring harmony and balance to your life.



Results from studies at Harvard show Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Practice is done for an average of 30 mins a day over 8 weeks show the following:



• Enhanced senses.

• Increased memory.

• Increased telomerase at the end of your chromosomes which combat aging.

• Reductions in anxiety, fear, and stress.

• Increased ability to respond and cope with everyday stress we such as pain and illness.


Mindfulness not only reduces stress, it changes your brain for the better.



What you will learn during an 8 week MBSR Course:

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