Never meditated before?


























































You can meditate in standing pose. Standing on the floor,

(if possible not a carpet or yoga mat, ie. not a soft surface.)

The ground beneath your feet. Feet hip width apart.

You can do this anytime, anywhere. Waiting in line, or

when you rise out of bed in the morning,  whenever you are standing.


Walking in nature is great. Take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath you. 

If you are busy running around take an opportunity to tune into the experience of walking. Just walk up and down from a point A to B and tune into the experience of the body walking.


On a chair. On the floor. Be kind to yourself and be comfortable.

Use cushions, pillows or blankets to make sure you are warm and comfortable.

Aim to have your knees slightly lower than hip height.

There is no need to sit in lotus but if this is where you

are comfortable then by all means, sit in lotus.

This inner journey is yours.

It is not about striving, or comparison with others.

Be mindful that what position is right for you one day, may not be right on another.

Lying Down

The aim is not to fall asleep when meditating. If you do, it doesn't matter.

Don't criticise yourself. If you notice yourself drifting off you can choose to slowly,

mindfully come to sitting and continue the meditation.

If your intention is to fall asleep, that's also fine,

just make a note that this is your intention. 


Take a breath it all starts here.*

The breath is your anchor, your safe space. 

It's the place we begin and end the meditation. A place that if you experience discomfort, physically or emotionally you come back to this; observing the natural inhale and the exhale.  Mindfulness is not rocket science but it can take practice to develop a mindful attitude.

There are 4 positions for Mindful Meditation:

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