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Mindful Walking

November 1, 2014

Today I went for a walk. My favourite place to walk is in the forest near my appartment. I run here all the time. Running is my stress reliever, sometimes your stress reliever can become a stressor. You over do it, searching for that moment where you've let go and it stopes happening. 


So I'm injured and that means instead of running into the mountatin, I'm walking.


I decided I might try and record in the forest as It's such nurturing place for me. I love the sweet birds as they sing and fly around me.


I sat down to record and then noticed this leaf. This beautiful golden leaf swinging around and around.




Taking note of the breath, where it's felt most in the body.


Feeling the solid ground beneath my feet, inside the socks, inside the shoes.


Opening up to the sounds, just as sounds, the start the begining the end of sounds.


Openening up to the leaf, as it swirls round and round in the spider web.....round and round...


Noticing pleasure now....light....shadow....


Breathing in this moment.....this precious moment....







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December 8, 2017

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