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Smiling Meditation

December 4, 2014


Smiling Meditation

Maybe try this the moment before sleep, the moment you wake.... or anytime you like😊! 


1. Bring attention to the breath


Your natural breath, there is no need to control it.

Maybe notice where you feel it most..... in your heart? Or your ribs? Or your nose?


2. Bring an awareness to your mouth, the sides of the mouth, explore from the inside of the mouth if you can.


The muscles? The skin?


Is it dry? Or moist? Notice your teeth? Tongue?


3. Slowly, naturally bring a smile to your mouth. Notice thoughts, feelings, moods. Feel smile, explore the muscles of your mouth, cheaks, notice the area around the edges of eyes.



Step 4. Bring a hand to your heart (if it feels right for you )and say "happy" "may I be happy"....as many times as you like. 


Step 5.If it feels right for you... stay awhile.... breathe with happy.  May you be happy.


 When you are ready open your eyes....Namaste🙏


Step 6. Ask yourself...How do I feel in this moment?


not judging or criticing just feel, notice....open...expand....explore......


When it is right for you bring your attention back to your day.




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December 8, 2017

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