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Hug Meditation

December 25, 2014

Hug meditation, stand or sit with your spine straight, your pelvis neutral ( neither tilted too far forward or back) lift your left arm up out to shoulder height. Exploring any physical sensation as you move it. Bend your left elbow and cross it over your body bringing your left hand to gently rest on you right shoulder. Breathe . Now slowly gently repeat the same action with your right arm. Notice any sensations of resistance, bracing , expectation ....whatever is there for you. Now gently close your eyes if it's right for you and HUG YOURSELF. Returning to the breath if you need, just exploring the hug like it's the first one you've ever had. Breathe your natural breath for about 20 breaths. Maybe ask yourself; How does this feel for me? Physically? Emotionally? what thoughts are here? Not judging just a kind awareness perhaps labeling  "ahhh (insert thought /feeling/ sensation )eg hurt,love, judgment is here" whenever it is ....bring your attention back to your breath……….. gently release your arms …………………...open your eyes 🙏 

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December 8, 2017

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