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If you passed away tomorrow would you be happy with the decision you made today?

November 1, 2017

There is something strangely emancipating by accepting accountability for your decisions.  Accountability doesn't have to be aggressive or harsh it can be loving and forgiving. We are all human and make choices that may not always work in our true best interest. The more we listen in to our ego and soothe the fear, the more we can make the choice we would be happy to have documented as ours.

Pay attention to the inner critic of "not good enough", "what if?", "have to", "should have". Listen in to those thoughts in the mind, the tone of those thoughts and question them. Is that really true? 100% true? What would I be without this thought?

Thoughts are just mental events in the mind and you can choose which to follow and which to let be. Apply even just the smallest amount of self compassion and see what happens. "It's okay, I'm not okay" , "or I hear you, you've got this", What words soothe you? What words find your inner strength?

Today when you notice a strong emotion, positive, neutral or negative find a moment to pause take a few breaths and tune into any thoughts of the mind. 

Explore them, gently softly question them. What's really going on for me right now?We are never just one thing.

With love and kindness may you be loving and kind to yourselves today even if its just for a moment ;).



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