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Finding "Home" whenever you need it.

November 9, 2017

I went to boarding school and grew up in many countries all over the world. When you travel away from home, it could be for adventure, work, study or even a holiday you can miss "home". Home for me is that sense of stability. Feeling supported and strengthened by knowing who you are and where you come from. So for a girl that constantly moved I called Australia home even when I hadn't spent a long time living here. I still needed that sense of belonging, tradition, family and  community and would say,  "I'm Australian" without having any real idea of what being Australian meant. I just knew it was where I was born and where many of my extended family lived. While I adopted cultures wherever home was I always felt a slight disconnect. There's nothing quite like coming home. The feeling of being home, connected, nurtured and supported. If coming home is not a reality it can be a useful practice, to physically, emotionally and mentally return home. Home may be felt by recalling a certain smell, or object, place, landscape or even food. A sense of inner strength and belonging gets wired in the brain when we recall images, words, and thoughts that our memory associates with feeling strength and belonging.  The more connected we feel the more resilient we are, so take a moment to feel connected and grounded by recalling your "home", whatever that may be for you. Take a moment to think of the scents that remind you of your happy place. Perhaps it's a food, item of clothing or a physical place. I love the smell of eucalyptus leaves and certain perfumes that connect me to memories of home. 

Take a moment to think of a place you really feel at home, think of the landscape, colours, sounds you hear when you are there.


*Strong emotions may or may not come with this practice remember to be kind to yourself its always better to let the river run then have it build up behind a wall. Whatever emotions come up for you just notice, allow and label them. Be soft and gentle with yourself and if you find any too overwhelming you can always choose to soften the meditation and just come back to observing the breath.


The Practice

Take a moment to visit "home"

Find your seat, sitting on a cushion or chair with feet n contact with the floor. ( You can choose to do this standing or lying down with the intention to stay awake ;) )

Locate the breath where you notice it most, the belly, nose, ribs, wherever.

No need to control just curiously observe your natural rhythm of breathing.

When ready soften your gaze, close your eyes.

Recall an image that brings your "home" to mind.

Hold this image in your heart and mind.

If you like place your hand on your heart 

Mentally scan the body  and  explore how home feels in the feet, legs, arms, stomach... just explore and notice.

Label any physical sensations you notice tightness, bracing, tingling, darkness or light, whatever you notice.

Label any emotions you notice. sadness, happiness, love, strength....whatever you notice.

Label any thinking you notice. 


Feeling as best you can grounded and connected to "home"


When ready return to the breath

Open your eyes and may you take "home" with you :)



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