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"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart and I'll stay there forever"-Winnie The Pooh

November 30, 2017



There are many quotes and stories about learning from our negative experiences but you can learn a great deal from your positive experiences too. You can wire your brain to really take in the good and hardwire your connection to recalling positive emotions if and when you need them. If you take a positive loving relationship and just recall it in your heart and mind you grow a stronger connection to those loving compassionate emotions. I have shared a silly video of me laughing with a dear friend, I couldn't tell you the joke but watching this makes me laugh at myself and makes me happy that I'm not too old to feel uncontrollable laughter. Recall a time you laughed (no matter how long ago) remember who you were with and where you were. What did it feel like in the body? Grow a little happiness in your heart and mind.


The practice:


Take a time you are likely to be undisturbed, set a timer so you dont need to think about the time. Sit, stand or lye down with the intention to take time for yourself or take note and ask yourself What is my intention? 


Find your breath, count in one then out one up to 10 then begin again.

If the mind wanders off quickly just bring it to one and begin again.


When you are ready recall a time you laughed and giggled,

*If you cant maybe you had a little giggle at my video or google "jokes"!

maybe to yourself,

Maybe with a friend, a loved one,


Recall what they look like, where you were, can you remember what you were wearing.


The object of your laughter isn't important just see if you can remember being in that moment laughing, smiling, giggling.


Stay as long as you like


When ready place a hand/s on your heart or belly or one on each and say these phrases or phrases that make sense to you:


May I be happy and laugh with ease

May I be free from all pain and suffering

May I love and be loved.


* Using the word " I" with loving kindness can be tricky, if your happiness shifts when using the word "I" keep a loved one, an easy loving relationship in your minds eye and say:


Just as I wish ..(insert name)....to be happy and laugh with ease, may I too be happy and laugh with ease


Just as I wish...  (insert name).... to be free from all pain and suffering, may I too be free from all pain and suffering.


Just as I wish ....(name)....to love and be loved, may I too love and be loved.


With love and kindness,



Feel free to ask questions on the website or send me an email sarah@mindfullybreathe.com











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