If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants: it is the same in mind." -- Dr Ernest Holmes

Over the next week keep a record of 3 good things (little or big) that happened to you during the day and consider why they happened.
After this take a moment to reflect and breathe.

Imagine your brain is a garden where all the negative thoughts grow weeds.
If you notice thoughts that are critical, judgemental thoughts that "grow weeds" simply visualise
yourself plucking the"weed" from your mind. Take a moment to recall something positive that has happened during the day and imagine planting a seed. A "seed" that will grow your favourite plant, flower or tree
Over the next week fill out your positive events calendar.

There is always something we judge as good, bad or neutral happening in every moment.
The practice is to remember it is your garden, and you are the gardener. 🌰🌱🌳

Just by being aware we can plant the positive seeds each day, we can cultivate our loving, happy garden. We can grow the good in the garden of our minds.

Gratitude For The Breath


Sometimes gratitude for the fact we are breathing is a little hard to really comprehend, after all, we breathe from the moment we are born until the moment we die.

If you have normal lung function maybe try this exercise, it’s fine for all ages. I use this exercise to explore what it might be like to have restricted breath.

Take a timer and set it for a minute. Take a straw and seal your lips around the straw so you are only breathing into and out of the straw. Now put the timer on or watch a clock, seal the nostrils with a peg or your fingers. Breathe. Explore the breath. The inhale, the exhale. How does your chest feel? 

Can you notice a difference in your chest, your ribs, your nose? Maybe explore if there is a desire to get longer, deeper breath? Maybe imagine breathing like this every moment.

When the timer goes, or when you are ready, stop the exercise and breathe normally. After another minute check in with how your chest, lungs, nose feel. 

This is how people with Cystic Fibrosis breathe every day and others that have low lung function or had lung surgery. This isn’t about a comparison, it's about accepting we are blessed with breath, moment to moment.

May you take gratitude with you to whatever moment you are in!

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